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Yes, Engagement Rings Are A Total Scam And, Yes, You'll Probably Buy One Anyway

In case you require added details dealing with wedding rings for him and hers trio , drop by and see his response or even navigate to these guys now.

You have to spend two months salary? Diamonds are forever?

Nope and nope.

Look, we've all heard that buying diamond engagement rings are a scam, but we do it anyway because it's a tradition... now.

Nevertheless, Adam Conover is here to attempt to ruin the rock once and for all, by http://wedding.theknot.com/bridal-fashion/wedding-accessory-jewelry/articles/under-thewedding-dress-lingerie-essentials.aspx?page=6 hammering home exactly how big of a rip off "putting a ring on it" really is.

Engagement apples? Mmm, sounds matrimonially delicious!


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